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Corey Haim

Corey Ian Haim (December 23, 1971 March 10, 2010) was a Canadian actor, known for a 1980s Hollywood career as a teen idol. He starred or co-starred in a number of films such as Lucas, Murphy's Romance, The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. He acted numerous times with Corey Feldman, with the pair later starring in the A&E reality show The Two Coreys. Haim had been troubled with drug addiction issues throughout his later career and had difficulties breaking away from his experience as a teen actor.His early stardom led to money and fame, but may have also led to his substance abuse

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suggested by Jackie
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Corey Haim
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Keith Allen wrote

We miss you, Corey.

2012-02-14 18:12:55

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Adina V. wrote

Thoughts and prayers are with the Haim family and friends. Lost an amazingly talented man too soon. R.I.P Corey Haim

2010-03-17 20:09:13

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Jackie wrote

RIP Corey..

2010-03-15 21:43:12

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