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Padre Pio

San Pio da Pietrelcina, noto anche come Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, al secolo Francesco Forgione (Pietrelcina, 25 maggio 1887 San Giovanni Rotondo, 23 settembre 1968), stato un presbitero italiano. Religioso dell'Ordine dei Frati Minori Cappuccini, nel 2002 stato proclamato santo da papa Giovanni Paolo II: la sua memoria liturgica viene celebrata il 23 settembre, anniversario della morte.

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Padre Pio
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Stephanie Medeiros wrote

Please hear my prayer, please let me ok and my test be negative and ease my worry.I beg you

2019-04-24 11:17:58

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Trudy pienta wrote

Please hear my prayers for Jimmy Amy Dan gretchen maryann jesica Chris ross jingles bella and selso bless my home let me heat good news about my loan nd apprisal goes good guide us protect us keep us safe no death eyes teeth head stomach financial spiritual help give me strength dont let me get sick bless my car help daisy get better thanks forgiveness family car is ok her and answer my prayers not going crazy

2018-09-23 11:11:46

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rosalina wrote

Padre pio help me and Grant my prayer to get my salary 700$ and I shall go home this coming january 1 to get my son and husband to bring in manila and my employer will allow me and multifly my blessings that you had given to me now thank you padre pio in tue name of Jesus amen.

2017-12-16 13:41:21

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KP wrote

Praying for H to get hired in A good and stable company, where boss and other higher officials are kind and good hearted. AMEN

2017-12-06 11:54:16

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Francis Coll wrote

Help Sinead McCarron through her lifetheatening operation

2016-03-15 17:51:16

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Maria R. Hernandez8 wrote

A candle to be lit for my children,daughter-in-law, grandchildren, ex-husband. May the Holy Spirit touch their hearts, body, mind & soul.

2016-03-04 20:42:25

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please pray for my daughter Danila, who is being bullied at school, that she may not be bullied anymore, and that all her previous friends return to being her friends again, that Danila may be happy again at school and in her life.

2015-11-21 19:47:01

Ruth Tanti Bellotti wrote

for my daughter Danila, that she may not be emotionally bullied anymore, that she may have good friends who stand always by her side, that she may be always happy

2015-11-04 14:31:48

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Marie wrote

Please help me, cysts on thyroid be benign. Blood pressure normal. Pains in left arm, shoulder, back, side and neck go away. Please make my voice come back and my cough and cold go away, throat get all better.

2015-10-04 14:57:53

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Marie wrote

Please help our Bella to eat, gain weight, belly get better, acid reflux go away, poop daily, please make her poop today, fussiness and colic go away. Esophagus and valve be normal. Please make her be healthy, happy and strong. Please make her eat. Please make her cold go away.

2015-10-04 14:57:11

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