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Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider (23 September 1938 – 29 May 1982) was an Austrian-born German film actress who also held French citizenship. Romy Schneider's first movie was Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht (When the White Lilacs Bloom Again) in 1953, credited as Romy Schneider-Albach. In 1954, Schneider for the first time portrayed a royal, playing a young Queen Victoria in the Austrian film Mädchenjahre einer Königin (known in the U.S. as The Story of Vicky and in Britain as Victoria in Dover). Schneider's breakthrough came with her portrayal of Elisabeth, Empress Consort of Austria, in the romantic biopic Sissi (1955) and its two sequels, Sissi - The Young Empress (1956) and Sissi - Fateful Years of an Empress (1957).

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suggested by Jackie
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Romy Schneider
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jj wrote

Never forget..♥

2012-10-03 13:32:42

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Hugo wrote

RIP my dear.. <3

2012-10-03 13:28:37

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jackie wrote


2012-05-29 21:10:47

See jackie details
Jackie wrote

RIP Romy !! &#9829;

2012-05-29 21:07:05

See Jackie details
a fan.. wrote

Was für ein Talent! RIP ROMY ♥

2010-12-22 13:11:44

See a fan.. details
Amy wrote

R.I.P. Romy♥

2010-11-12 11:33:47

See Amy details
Sybille wrote

Du bist immer in meinem Herzen

2010-10-26 06:07:00

See Sybille details
Lana wrote

♥♥ Unforgettable ♥♥

2010-10-22 22:16:46

See Lana details
Jackie wrote

Heute an deinem Todestag vermissen wir dich noch mehr... Ruhe sanft liebe Romy!

2010-05-29 00:28:00

See Jackie details
Ivi wrote

Nicht Jeder ist froh der lachend erscheint....sie hat oft gelacht um nicht zu weinen...

2010-04-15 23:07:46

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