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Steve Lee

Steve Lee (August 5, 1963 – October 5, 2010) was a Swiss musician and vocalist. He was mainly known as the vocalist of the band Gotthard.

In 1988, Steve Lee joined the group Forsale. In 1992, in Lugano, along with guitarist Leo Leoni, bassist Marc Lynn, and drummer Hena Habegger, they founded Gotthard. Under the lead of bassist and founding member of Krokus. Chris von Rohr, the band changed its name to Gotthard (a name inspired by the Gotthard Pass). In 2007, Lee was contacted by Arjen Anthony Lucassen to feature on Ayreon's latest album 01011001, released in 2008. He sang vocals, alongside other progressive rock and progressive metal singers.
He spoke fluent Italian, German, English and French.
Steve Lee was killed in a motorcycle accident 10 miles south of Mesquite, Nevada on Interstate 15 when a semi truck hit a parked motorcycle which subsequently struck and killed Lee. His girlfriend Brigitte Voss Balzarini and Gotthard bassist Marc Lynn witnessed the motorcycle accident.

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Steve Lee
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Abigail wrote

Thank you #Steve Lee for your beautiful voice and your music. RIP Steve Lee

2016-02-28 14:58:44

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Alessia wrote

No word, only tears

2010-10-21 13:22:12

See Alessia details
Simone wrote

Steve. Thanks for the music and the beautiful voice. Rest in peace. We miss you.

2010-10-18 03:41:20

See Simone details
giovanna mendes wrote

Thanks for your light and voice. I love you, never forget you.

2010-10-15 01:21:25

See giovanna mendes details
Denise wrote

Steve we will never forget you, you will live on in your songs forever. RIP Steve

2010-10-14 14:41:08

See Denise details
karla mittarakis wrote


2010-10-14 04:46:46

See karla mittarakis details
Ana wrote

O melhor vocalista que já existiu =)

2010-10-14 00:11:51

See Ana details
Caroline wrote

Steve! You're awesome, man! I'll never forget the great moments you've given me through your music! Rest in peace :(

2010-10-13 05:26:40

See Caroline details
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