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Jeffrey Scott Buckley (November 17, 1966 May 29, 1997), raised as Scotty Moorhead,was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. He was the son of Tim Buckley, also a musician. After a decade as guitarist-for-hire in Los Angeles, Buckley gained popularity in the early 1990s by playing cover songs at venues in Manhattan's East Village, such as Sin-, gradually focusing more on his own material.

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Jeff Buckley
Jeff Buckley
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Candle of Candle of Akash Chadha
New Delhi
Type 1/101 NCERT Campus

My name is Akash Chadha from India I am born 29/05/1997

2018-04-03 10:00:03
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Candle of Candle of Erin
Santa Fe
1111 santa fe
New Mexico
United States

Feel you still. I Met What Came Left Behind My Sorrows And Traveling Still

2017-11-17 22:49:51
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Candle of Candle of Marina

whit love........

2010-06-29 11:33:09
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Candle of Candle of Debbie
United States

you are missed for the beautiful music you gave us. We will treasure it always!!! <3

2010-05-24 01:01:52
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