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In addition to light a candle for your famous person and celebryties, acandlefor.com gives you the opportunity to remember your kith and kin, mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, uncles...all your loved one. Light your NECROLOGY candle, create your personalized necrological.

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Latest dedications, thoughts, memories...
Carrie R Jones wrote

Miss your face, my brother....

2019-06-26 09:03:35

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Marcella Ambrosino wrote

We Miss You So So Much Dad. I love You.

2019-04-23 10:39:59

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Kathleenquinn wrote

Looking for prayers for my sister who has liver and Colin cancer cance

2018-12-02 12:01:18

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Ashley L Cremeans wrote

I dedicate this candle to my Moms boyfriend who passed away around a year ago. You were part of our family for a few months but time doesnt change the way our family was effected by losing you. Your life was cut short.. And this candle is just for you. May your soul rest in peace and may you find your spirit again in the heavens.

2018-05-08 15:43:58

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Fabio Mangili wrote


2018-02-04 16:51:28

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Kim wrote

Always in My Thoughts, Not one day goes by I don't think of you.. My whole life I have always compared everyone to you. Have never felt that feeling again..

2017-11-06 05:44:53

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patrick wrote

My beautiful wonderful dear parents. thank you for everything and am sorry for things I did and failed to do.may your souls rest in peace and may you not have had much suffering-please god love you both forever good people.

2017-10-27 23:01:50

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Maria R. Hernandez wrote

Please pray for my children that they be filled with the Holy Spirit, always trusting the Lord. And to all those in my thoughts & heart.

2017-03-05 01:04:32

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Beverly Laramie wrote

Uncle Edgere passed away on April 25th, 1991. you will always be remembered Uncle. love you always.

2017-01-13 07:07:15

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Beverly Laramie wrote

my Uncle Theophile who passed away on 1990. miss you very much my uncle and Godfather. will always love you forever!

2017-01-13 06:56:51

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